Monday, May 25, 2009

Birthday Mel!

On Friday my oldest daughter turned another year older, so how do you celebrate? Go to Disneyland of course!!

Meg, Kate, & Mel hanging out with Sulley.

On Sunday we had a BBQ for Mel at the house with friends and family.

Meg and Kate sang happy birthday to Mel along with ABC and twinkle twinkle little star. Always a birthday must!?!

Is Oma shrinking or is it just our imagination? :)

Andrea and Brian helping me in the kitchen, putting together the vegetable kabobs.

Grandpa, Opa, and Oma-Oma enjoying the afternoon. Oma-Oma liked her banana margarita, YAHOO...she's such a party animal!

My husband the master griller! If I can only get him to do the dishes afterward...OK only in a perfect world!!! hahaha jk David

Happy Birthday Melissa...we love you!!!!!

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