Friday, March 27, 2009

Bath time again and again and again!!!

Meg and Kate's new favorite game is to give their dolls a bath. The first time it was fun, the second time it was the fourteenth time in a row, not so fun. For me!
It's not that I don't enjoy seeing my girls play with their dolls, it's just the fact that they haven't figured out how to take off and put on the dolls clothe, so of course Mommy has to do it. So after every bath clothes go back on then 5 minutes later clothe need to come off.
Well, there only little once! :)
Here we go again!!!

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Lesley said...

Oh too true... enjoy it while you can. For soon it'll be naked girl dolls with naked boy dolls and a whole new type of bath experience. (Not that I would know.) BTW... The second photo is a little racy... shouldn't you have a black rectangle concealing the CP butt?