Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Husband's and dog's!

If you don't have should get one!
Your probably wondering what I am referring too...hang in there!
I did start out with just a dog, the thing about just having a dog is that they never complain if dinner is late. OK, they may give you one of those doggy looks but no actual words come out of their little mouths. Dog's also don't ask for too much of your time, a walk a with a ball for what 10 minutes, nice that works! Rub there tummy's with your foot, while you watch TV? Sure why not, it's all good.
Husbands on the other hand...a different story! They do complain if dinner is late, words come out of there mouths, they do ask for a lot of your time, and most of the time there not to into playing ball. Well, some forms of ball but that's a whole different posting!! :) Yes let your mind go there!!!!

OK, I'm just being husband gave me a hard time last night after I told him I started a blog page. He read it, noted that I had misspelled Tenor Sax (sorry Melissa) and that I really didn't say anything about him and that I would probably talk about the dog before saying anything about him. So now you have the story! Gotcha honey!! I love you, you know that!!!!

So now I'm going to talk about David. Is he the love of my life? You betcha! Is he great with kids? Oh my god, the best! Does he work hard and bring home the bacon? Don't you know it! I love this guy, I am so lucky to have found me I had to kiss a lot of frogs before he came into my life. I'm sure your probably thinking to yourselves good grief Laurie give me a break! I know, I know...but he is a good guy. I met David in November of 2001, on a blind date arranged by my sister Lesley and her girlfriend. We hit if off immediately, had a great evening and when he brought me home went to give me a kiss and ended up kissing my hair and ear, because I was trying to open the car door when all this went down. Isn't the kissing supposed to be by the front door? :)
I have to go off into another story for just a bear with me, I do that a lot!
David and I had been dating for maybe a year, year and a half and we went to dinner. I'm not good with spicy food, or even the hint of spice in my food. My nose starts to run at the drop of a! Yeah I know, anyway here we are at this restaurant and I can feel my nose you know starting to fill up. Oh lord, so as casually as possible I take my napkin and dab my nose, then I do it again...and again...and again. There I think to myself no worries...finally David leans forward, Oh I think how romantic he's going to kiss me across the table! NOT!!!! Honey he says you have a booger on the top of your nose!
I have many more stories but will have to bore you at another time. My girls are starting to get restless. Needless to say I've written a little something about me and my hubby. I wanted to write about David's love of mountain biking and running but am running out of time myself so I will save it for another day.