Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shameless Plug Saturday!

Hi everyone...just wanted to remind you all that I'm having my Silpada Party on Sunday from 1-5pm. Open house style so come on over, check out the beautiful jewelry and eat some yummy munchies!

Also note that BFF is the rep for Silpada and she is also bringing some of her fantastically fantastic, yummy, mouth watering cup cakes!!! So if you've never tried them you are missing out, so this is your oportunity.

So now you have it, shameless plug for my party and for ditzie cakes, the

1 comment:

andie said...

Love you!
I was just going online to see how my website was ranking in the search engine world...and saw your plug! Keep on pluggin!
See you tommorrow for some Silpada fun and ditzie's fabulous Cupcakes!