Wednesday, December 31, 2008


On Christmas Eve my family and I were driving to my Uncle's house for our annual Christmas eve get together. On the way out, a freeway sign was flashing that as of January 1st 2009 motorist are no longer able to text while driving. At first we thought to ourselves...are you kidding? How can someone text and drive and not run off the road. Didn't they just pass a law saying you can't talk on your cell phone while driving without one of those blue tooth's! (Which by the way I think the phone company's should give out for free)! I would think that messing around with your phone while driving is just a little to unsafe, plus I have a hard enough time typing on a keyboard at my desk, let alone trying to type onto a little cell phone pad that the letters are smaller then my two year old's finger nails.
Sure enough...while my husband and I were driving to his parents house the other day I look over and there in this car next to ours was a lady texting while driving!!


So just to let anyone that likes to text while driving (your crazy) that as of January 1st you can get a ticket. I found this in our Westways magazine:
SB 28 prohibits drivers from test messaging or e-mailing while driving. Fines for violating this law are at least $76 (after penalties) for the first offense and about $190 for subsequent offenses, depending on the county in which the violation occurred.

I think they should also add putting on mascara and lipstick! How about picking your nose while driving...that fine should start out at about $250 because that is really gross! :)

Be safe and everyone have a wonderful New Year! Talk to you again in 2009!!


Lesley said...

So I need to comment on this... OH WAIT! "Hey you jackass... stay in your own lane!" Okay where was I...

andie said...

What the HELL... I see stupid people!

I think that the fines are pitiful!!!They should rightfully be fined over a $3000 because that young stupid kid texting could be making their last call before they decide their own fate and may I add someone elses!!!! Get with it stupid people! I see you out there....and me and my carpool buddies are honking and glaring at you when we see you texting on your way to work or school in our high time morning and evening commute. We are saving the life you may end up taking today!